Top Sculpture Parks Around the World

There is friction here: it’s a beautiful day in Oslo (in the summer, preferably), you want to be outdoors with fresh air and sunshine, and have a picnic in the garden, a picnic and enjoy the views. But you also need a culture, some kind of art, but you can’t get them in a museum on such a glorious day. Where to go to the sculpture garden Figeln, part of the Frogner Park, located in Oslo, is one of the most popular and attractive places to visit in the Norwegian capital. Three kilometers northwest of Oslo’s city center, the park occupies 80 acres and includes 212 bronze and granite sculptures of Gustav Berg. Each figurine was carved by Figeland, and individual craftsmen were hired to make pieces for what visitors see today. It can be a good summer activities for kids in the summer.

Yorkshire Park is located in Wakefield, Yorkshire. This is an inspirational place to visit, with works by world famous artists such as Antony Gormley. See the work of a sculptor, sculptor, painter or photo studio. You can learn to cut.

The park is located in the Bretton Hall Estate. The hotel has four covered galleries and 500 acres of gorgeous 18th-century gardens with modern and contemporary art. Indoor exhibits consist of Longside, Garden, Subway, and Buty. The underground exhibition was completed in 2004 and was located on the hill of Boti Park. This is really a terrace, 50 meters long, instead of a cave building. It was created to house large items that needed protection from the elements.

Seattle Art Park is a stunning free entrance and 9 acres of open space for art. It has over 20 outdoor sculptures that encourage fans to see and interact with the pieces personally under natural light among the beautiful outdoor environment.

Frederik Meijer Gardens and the sculpture park are just minutes from the center of Grand Rapids. The sculpture park covers over 125 acres and is an impressive destination. They are home to a number of interesting carvings by some of the best artists. One of the most outstanding sculptures in the park is the play “American Horse”. This is a statue of Leonardo da Vinci, which never ends. This 24-foot bronze horse is an impressive spot. You can spend a few hours exploring the gardens, so be sure to leave plenty of time to explore.

When you finish carving the garden, you can dine in the garden or even attend a concert at the Meyer Amphitheater. The amphitheater is beautifully designed, and from June to September many famous local artists take part in it. A concert is a great way to end a peaceful day at the park. Hopefully, now we have decided to go to the park to visit. This is an experience that you enjoy and you will probably come back again and again.